Dear Beloved Friends,


Wouldn't you like for 2018 to be the kind of year when you start moving towards that new YOU that your soul is always longing for you to be?


What would it feel like if you experienced very real and tangible progress towards your dreams?


Could it be this year that you renew your faith in your Divine Power to change stuck energies, heal long standing issues and move towards greater empowerment within yourself?


Also consider that we are always much much more powerful when we work together to lift each other up...

To that end we would like to offer to you a gathering that aims to do just that:





27th Jan. 3.00 - 6.00pm
Shared feast after, bring a dish to share!


Friends Meeting House

34 Sunderland Rd,

Forest Hill,

London SE23 2QA


£28 Early Bird or £35 after the 21st Jan.

(Please note Paypal handling fees has been added ~ £1.44)

No refunds please!





The whole afternoon is designed to invite you to step into your power and create momentum to start experiencing real movement towards what you've always wanted to do in your life!


First there will be a powerful Kundalini Yoga & Gong Journey by the amazing LILA to shake up stuck, resistive energies within us.



Then some meditations & powerful exercises to gain clarity and purpose for the year ahead.


After this we will cement our soul dreams with the power of our voices by chanting ancient Mantras Illumina Style!!


Remember - The Words You Speak Become The World You Live in!


The highlight of the evening is the SHARED FEAST afterwards ~ bring a dish to share! 


Book ASAP if you're inspired to join us.


Please share with your friends...& we hope to BE with you soon!




* Kundalini Yoga & Gong Bath to cleanse and ready ourselves for change.

This will be a powerful Gong Bath Journey by the amazing LILA to open our chakras and break up calcified, stuck energy patterns within our bio-spiritual system.


* A time to call in and clarify our dreams and direction for the year ahead with guided Meditation & exercises with Anaam.


* Chanting sacred Mantras to charge up our intentions & send them out into the Universe using our voices - the most powerful tool Divinely given to our consciousness to co-create our vision.


£28 Early Bird till 21st Jan.

£35 Thereafter.


To book:

(Please note Paypal handling fees has been added ~ £1.19)

No refunds please!