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Have You TRULY Experienced This Universal Secret?

This is a very powerful secret to living a life that is empowering and fulfilling. Think about it - as long as we hold the belief that someone else has the power to make us happy, we can never truly feel self-empowered. The real controls, the steering wheel will always be in someone else's hands...this is a great indignity that we inflict on ourselves without realizing it and many times without really being aware that that's what has happened - we have given away the power to be happy to someone else. Now they call the shots - their behaviour toward us will decide what emotion we experience in any given moment. Also it is a heavy burden to bear for that other person which manifests itself over time. Initially it feels great to be able to have such an influence on someone but after a while that burden of responsibility for the other's moods and feelings is too much to bear. They will get fed up and stop wanting to be around us. These 'others' are our spouses for some, family members for some others, children for a lot of people, friends and very often a combination of all of them! So what do we do? how do we break out of this cycle which is all too common amongst us? Granted that being responsible for one's own happiness makes perfect sense however we are all human beings and a lot of that means being attached to how others see us & how we would like them to see us. Being human is a multi-faceted experience! There is a time honoured path to self-empowerment that is only now starting to become popular in the west. Did you know that chanting ancient powerful Mantras is a really effective way to spend some time connecting with ourselves, getting to know ourselves on a deeper level and to feel the 'happy high' that is the natural feel good vibration of our spirit, our soul. Using our voices to sing out is like a healing balm to the soul! The chanting starts to break down all the habitual patterns that go against our natural Divine vibration of peace and happiness. We start to become more and more attuned to Universal Divine Will that is always working towards our well-being.

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