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We left the last blog post with a question: * What is the REAL difference between sleep dreams and real life dreams? Well the difference is quite simple...It is in the origination of the two. You see, dreams when we sleep, originate mainly in the mind and emotions - subconscious & conscious.

Our dreams and aspirations when we are awake on the other hand originate in the spirit. Granted sometimes the spirit speaks to us through dreams but those dreams seem to stand out - they are not the everyday dreams of our normal sleep. The main blessing of waking life dreams is that they bestow upon us a choice - we can choose to strive to make them a reality. Or Not. Anything originating from our eternal spirit will always give us a choice - it will never be a tyrant demanding that we only do its bidding.

We can walk away from our dreams (and live comfortable lives of silent regret) or we can trust our dreams and see what happens when we act on them!

Its totally possible to experience your dreams and aspirations unfolding in your life right before your eyes...its a feeling like no other!

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