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You know dear friends, we chose the title 'Heart Connection Dream Creation' for our summer retreat event for a specific reason. We really believe that any big desire in our lives (especially having to do with our passion, our career or our particular talent & gift in the world) that is not in some way connected with love and service for all will never bring the fulfillment, the sense of achievement, the satisfaction that it initially promises. In fact any desire that we chase after that is only self serving, only for its own sake will only cause harm to us and our surroundings in the end. Of course, this is not about taking a nice, relaxing bath after a hard day's work or treating yourself to your favourite movie or anything else like that - those are desires too...this is about our life path, our dream, what we would like to be remembered for when we are gone. Any dreaming creation or any creative visualization that we do must take us on a journey beyond ourselves to connect with love and service for all. This is one of the most vital ingredients that is missed in a lot of these kinds of practices. So let us learn to co-create our future life path in a way that is of benefit not only to us but to all who are touched by us. Wouldn't you want that?

* What is the difference between sleep dreams and real life dreams? ~ find out in the next post... Its an insight few people are aware of but will be a guiding theme for the retreat weekend!

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