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Singing Lessons in South London with Anaam




"I would recommend Anaam's voice coaching to anybody who wants to free their expression and connect with the voice of their heart." ~ Zuzana


* feeling like your voice is blocked and you need help releasing it?

*Do you long to be someone who can sing joyfully and freely?

*Would you like to be able to sing all your favourite tunes easily?

Here's a chance to do just that and learn to Sing Freely !



"I highly recommend this unique, wise and cheerful teacher to anyone who is interested in voice, sound and mantra as well as developing singing skills." Nirmal   

Please see website for prices & bookings






Guitar Lessons for beginners and intermediate players with Anaam:


Guitar Classes are £30.00 for an hour.

*You must have your own instrument

To book please contact me using the website contact page or email me with Guitar Lessons in subject line.

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