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Radiant Womb

Women's Day Retreat                   


Monday 30th August

'You hold a safe and loving space that models so well the essence of the retreat, and that allowed me to follow my own inner guidance for what I needed in the moment. 


I loved the flow of the retreat, the way it felt so natural, and the delightful, uplifting, powerful and life affirming ways in which you brought us together to connect with each other, our voices, our hearts and our wombs.


I came away inspired and so grateful for the experience. Nourished in connection to myself and with the other women.


I would highly recommend your retreats, and all your offerings after also working with both of you outside the retreat. So aligned, in integrity'

Radiant womb aug.jpeg

'Thank you Carly and Lila for such a beautiful Womb Chalice Ceremony on Monday... deep, subtle, far-reaching medicine. I felt at the end this sense of “starting again” with my womb space... like a deep cleanse had taken place, removing only that that doesn’t serve and preserving that which enhances. Thank you for the magic!


(£2.55 booking fee)
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Join us in the powerful Motherlands of Avalon for a deep immersion into the Womb. We align with the stillness, vitality and knowing that is inherent in our female bodies, in our wombs and in our beings. A space to enter into the unknown together, to allow the undoing of all that is no longer in service to integrity, sovereignty, true feminine wisdom.


We meet in softness, wildness, deep listening, sweetness, stillness, movement…whatever is True in that moment. 


We journey through the inner womb maps, using tools such as womb yoga, intuitive shamanic journeying and spontaneous sound, opening into her life energy, radiance and magnetism. She is the unique bodily matrix through which we weave,  intuit and create as women. 


We come together in a spiral of sisters where every voice is needed. You are co-creators in this weaving and each impulse of intuition is followed and used to birth the next offering within our shared journey.

Benefits and Practicalities

After our day immersion, you'll leave with:


~Reconnection to your body, its knowing, and your innate feminine wisdom.

~Connections with other beautiful, heart-lead women and a renewed sense of community and sisterhood.

~Feeling lighter, energised and more flowing in the body from gentle movement and yoga kriyas.

~Freedom and power in your voice, having worked with spontaneous voice-work and mantra. Step out with the courage to speak your truth.

Food and drink is not included in the price. There are a variety of healthy organic restaurants serving vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. There are also nearby green spaces in which you may enjoy a picnic.

Day retreat details:

  • Date: Monday 30th August

  • Time 10.30 am – 5 pm

  • Investment: £75

  • Location: Miracles Room, Glastonbury Experience Courtyard

    For more information Contact:

Carly Akara

tel 07310 778565



Lila Lianna Rose
tel 07986 911 288 

Friendly Carly.jpeg

 Carly Akara 

I live in Andalucia with my rescue dogs and cats and I love walking in the mountains, singing, dancing ecstatically (!) and connecting with other creative souls whose thirst for authenticity matches my own. 


I help to empower women through their voices and bodies, through spontaneous sound and movement, and working with the intuitive power of the Womb. I also teach the mysteries of the Rose lineage of Mary Magdalene and offer mantras in the beautiful root language of Aramaic

I believe as women we have often stifled our unique wisdom voice and our intuitive gifts.  There is nothing more powerful than coming to trust and lead from them again.  I love watching women blossom as they come to trust their inner voice and to uncover the unique gifts of their Soul. 


Lila Lianna Rose


I am so grateful to call the Sacred Isle of Avalon my home.

I was called to these powerful lands to deepen in initiation to feminine mysteries and to share offerings with women that also feel the call to remember their essence and wisdom. 

I support women in coming home to themselves in body and womb, through intuitive yoga and dance, shamanic healing practices and soul voice song, inviting free expression and connection and unique medicine.

One of my greatest passions and heart offerings is to hold sacred ceremony with women. In this shared space of alchemy it is so natural and easeful to receive guidance, nourishment and soul essence remembering. 

In these wildly unprecedented times I feel such a calling to support the re-emerging of the Feminine in our world- for deep healing, rebalancing and a living celebration of our wise, magical natures. 

Water Carly.jpeg
(£2.55 booking fee)
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*Tickets are none refundable 

*Tickets are non transferable however, in the case that the retreat is cancelled due to the Covid restrictions there will be a carrying over of your full investment to the next event.

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