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THE Adrian!
Adrian's gorgeous Shakuhachi flute ( Japanese wooden flute) playing transports you to another realm where peace reigns supreme and tranquility and beauty remain unsullied by the ego. 
Ab 'soul' utley brilliant musician and all around amazing person!

We recommend!

Songstress Supreme!

Check out Heloise's video of her singing to an actual falcon mere inches in front of her!
Need we say more? 
we recommend!

Circling The Sacred

Anja is not only highly qualified & experienced in the services she offers but also just naturally gifted as a ceremony holder, interfaith minister, and facilitator!

We recommend!


Ravi is one of those artists that incarnate on our beautiful planet once in a rare while.
His many musical talents range from percussion to singing to being an authority on the African stringed instrument 'The Kora'.
His music will uplift, inspire and immerse you with it's beauty, simplicity and energy.
We recommend!


Reiki by Rekha

We love Rekha's warm and inviting energy.
She seems to live just to heal those who need it with her amazing Reiki practise.
A life dedicated in service to others...
Need healing? we recommend!

One of the hardest working artists in the Chanting/Kirtan genre in the UK.
Wherever there is an opportunity to chant, there Sivani appears like a goddess, to grace us with her amazing energy, voice and inspiration to chant and then chant some more!
She also sends out a monthly newsletter with all things chant in the Uk so scoot over to her website and sign up if that's your bag.

We recommend!

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