Thank you thank you - fantastic weekend - feeling reawakened and free - fabulous venue, amazing hosts - and a wonderful spiritual connection to likeminded hearts! xx



The entire retreat allowed me to deeply enter my feeling space. To come home. To remember, not as a memory, but as a cellular trigger, to live deliberately, intuitively and consciously from the feeling space rather than the flitting and fleeing of the minds patterning. To connect with the world beyond this world where magic lies on a more continuous basis. To notice the signs in nature, in my lover's eyes, in this body-mind, in the stars.



Thank you very much for organising this retreat. The location was delightful and a great inspiration for me. The Zen walks and guided meditation helped to find a deeper connection with myself and the beautiful nature around me. After the weekend I feel very well-rested, full of new energy and desire to do new things.

I think the retreat was very well organised and I would not change anything.

I benefited immensely from this event, I liked the structure and the combination of activities and free time. 

This was a wonderful experience together.



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June' 18 Yoga, Chanting & Mindfulness Weekend Retreat

~ Stepping into True Empowerment Together ~


•••Just one last in-house place left•••


Friday 8th - 10th Sunday, East Sussex

(5.00PM Fri. arrival - 3.00PM Sun. finish)

£375 all inclusive 

Total £388.41 (£13.41 paypal handling fees)

To avoid Paypal fees scroll down for bank to bank transfer details.


Please email us when you have





Please note ~ All payments in full must be made by 24th May


Beginners to Yoga & Chanting welcome!




The month of June is very special in terms of our seasonal cycles.


We are poised midway in the year for the arrival of the Summer Solstice.

June is when nature's creative process is at its peak - an ideal time for HEART CONNECTION & DREAM CREATION!


It is also a perfect time for us to get really clear on who we truly are and our role in the divine tapestry of life.


* How can we connect to who we truly are deep deep inside?


* How do we become clear about our own unique path and offering in this life?


* What can we do to bring that clear seeing into our everyday living and create an abundant and happy life highway for ourselves?




The weekend will be a deep, rich & transformative discovery of our true selves through our voices, our bodies & our hearts.


The Sacred Cacao Ceremony on Saturday will facilitate this journey into our deeper truth.


We will discover and journey with our power animal in a very powerful and deep Shamanic Journey with live music.

The yoga, ecstatic dancing meditation and chanting will further deepen this connection.

Above all we will learn to do everything with deliberateness and conscious intention & practice BEing where we are fully and totally.


The entire flow of the retreat is carefully designed to help us move together powerfully towards self-empowerment and authentic living.





















Set in the lush, beautiful grounds and natural surroundings of Emerson College, Forest Row, this soul adventure will include:


* Sacred Chanting


* Kundalini Yoga

* Gong Baths


* Mindfulness meditations and silent sitting times


* Cacao Ceremony & Shamanic Drumming Journey 


* Conscious Ecstatic Dance 


* Yoga Nidra (deep cellular relaxation) & Guided Meditations


* Zen Walk in the verdant wilds of Sussex


* Being nourished in the group energy of like minded people.


* Informal buddy system to continue with the progress made in the retreat and encourage us towards greater self empowerment.


* Single room accommodation in student houses on the college campus.


* 6 meals - The college kitchen prepares delicious wholefood, vegetarian meals with primarily organic/biodynamic produce.

Catering for gluten free and vegan diets with prior notice.


* Arrivals from 5.00pm Friday (earlier is fine as well)

Dinner 6.15pm - finishing Sunday at 3.00pm(ish)


Program is subject to change *

*Please note, it is mandatory to fill in the registration form below*




To pay via Paypal - £388.41 (£13.41 paypal handling fees) please use this link below:

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Accnt. Name: S. SHOKAT

Accnt No. : 10493791

Sort Code: 20 - 57 - 06

Barclays Bank Plc.

Please email us when you have paid or for any other                      inquiries:


No refunds or transfers please.

Some memories from our previous 

Heart Connection retreat in June '17 below