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Many people ask us about the chants in our album ILLUMINATE and what they mean, how to use them etc... so here's a bit more info for the curious.


Track 1. EK ONG KAAR - There is one only "doer" - These are the very first words spoken by the first Guru of the Sikh tradition Guru Nanak after his enlightenment. An excellent affirmation to do away with fear and insecurity on every level, especially  when concerned about other people or the world around us.


Track 2. GURU GURU WAHE GURU, GURU RAAM DAAS GURU - an invocation to the  4th Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Ram Das. Amazing  healing Mantra.....doesn't have a specific meaning as such - its simply invoking his name. Chant it with the discipline shown below for any health issues or healing of any kind.


Track 3. OM ASATOMA SATGAMAYA, TAMASOMA JYOTIRGAMAYA, MRITYORMA AMRITAMGAMAYA - the meaning of this chant is sung in this track in English too.

This mantra is traditionally chanted in India when someone dies to help them transition easily and review their life with clarity and purpose. Equally effective when changes are happening in one's life and we find it hard to cope.


Track 4. DEEP PEACE- A very calming affirmation.


Track 5. NIAWEH - 'Thank you for Being' - this is how people of the Iroqouis nation in America greet each other traditionally.

Repeat this to yourself when you have a problem with someone or something and watch your resistance start to melt away! 


Track 6. ANG SANG WAHE GURU - literally means 'with every part of my body I express WOW! to that which brings me from darkness to light'.

Chant this before going to bed and as you are waking up & experience the difference as inner negativities find no ground to stand on....


Track 7. MAY THE LONG TIME SUN - sing this as a farewell blessing for anything in your life you are leaving behind. 




A traditional chanting discipline is 40 days with at least one round of 108 repetitions of a particular mantra.

Rosaries or 'Malas' with 108 beads are easiest to use.


Depending on how deeply you'd like change to happen, it isn't uncommon for 5, 10  or 20 rounds of 108 repetitions to be performed in one day.


Typically if you miss a day, start over again till you are able to complete it without a break.  

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