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'What a truly precious evening of healing, nourishing & magical mantras. Such an experience of oneness! Thank you, thank you, thank you angels of sound and light ' - Ananda - Yoga Teacher



'I just want to say thank you for giving us such an amazing evening. It was quite a revelation and drew something very profound out from deep inside that I cannot name.' - Ann



Dear Lila and Anaam Just a heartfelt thank you from Brian and myself, on behalf of everyone present yesterday, for your wonderful gift of singing, music and spiritual presence. You are an example to us all. Your contributions always stand out because they bring such joy and warmth and remind us who we truly are.  Namaste. -  Jeannie 



'The thanks are all ours! It was a truly wonderful and enchanting evening you created and a very special atmosphere in the Reynolds Room. It was a pleasure to work with you and a delight to experience.' -Kate Goodwin (Events Manager, Royal Academy of Arts London)




'Your singing was absolutely beautiful!'- Katy Poynter



'You guys are the chocolate chip cookies of chanting! x' - Katie Rose- Sound Healer, Psychic Reader, Artiste Extraordinaire & general all round Spiritual Diva (the rose window)



'The ILLUMINA concert was a beautiful experience as one could feel that their singing came from the heart. I was so Impressed by their beautiful energy!' - Zuzana- Spiritual Counsellor



'What a fantastic show last night! I loved it and can't wait for more! I was worried it would all be too hippy for me but it was totally energising and uplifting ! honestly you guys suprised me ! Amazing!!' - Lou- Musician/Singer/Songwriter (Lil Lost Lou)




'Perfectly divine to share the space with Illumina at the Centre on Saturday - like a long retreat from the world packed gently into one day, mystic, healing, rejuvenating, inspiring and delighting!! Thanks lovely Lila and Sean!' - Wendy- Yoga Teacher & Manager (Yoga Ananda Centre)



'We had the most wonderful day At the ILLUMINA workshop, singing and chanting for peace, healing and abundance. At the end of it, none of us wanted to move! It was a truly beautiful day and the perfect antidote to a week of feeling a bit jangly!' - Donna- Yoga Teacher (JaiYoga )



'I have no complicated feedback other than that I floated home (on foot,) feeling sustained, calm, alert, connected, humanized' - Tessa



'twas indeed truly beautiful :) Blessings sweet soul family! ' - CharuSila- Healer (



'Thank you both for a very powerful and healing workshop xx' - Claire- Career Nurse & Healer



'thank you again for sharing with us yesterday. The prayer circle was a wonderful experience. The blessing song at the end was sooooo powerful, and such an amazing thing!   I simply could not get myself into public transport afterwards, I felt surrounded by amazing energy and I did not want it to be polluted' - Barbara



'It felt very special to be there all day - from the intimacy and stillness of the meditation to the collective celebration and wildness of the chanting!' - Claire



'Then the second session of the singing of the vowels, our names and sacred sounds and the chanting of mantras and our prayers stirred our hearts, while the ecstatic dancing in between lifted our spirits.

 If only our churches (and other places of worship) could incorporate such wonderful and inclusive bhakti yoga, we will all be queuing and even paying to get in - and war would be no more!' - Marcia



'Illumina's presence and beautiful music and chant were so uplifting and 
inspiring.  It felt like we were being transported to other times and realms' -Anna Sedgwick- RCST
Craniosacral Therapist (craniosacralhealing)



'Beautiful evening at Juice , your music was like healing ointment running through every core of my being.... memorable' -Tricia (Tricia's incredible Massage website)



'Could have listened to you all night - absolutely wonderful ...x' - Janet Stollery



'Loved the event this afternoon- thank you for Being.' - Zannie Rose (DNA Activation)



'Thank you Anaam, Lila for a wonderful evening. The sunflowers burst open! Beautiful music and a feast for all! Love' - Thea Thomas



These are just some of the wonderful feedback we are blessed to receive from everyone who attends the concerts/gatherings 


Thank You! to ALL who take the time & effort to encourage us and tell us what you think. Blessings  & Love to ALL.

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