Wise Woman Remember

A Fortnightly Women’s gathering

Spring Equinox Ceremony

Saturday 20th March


Wednesdays closest to each 
Full and New Moon of the month
£40 +  £1.50 booking fee

11am-12.30AM GMT on Zoom

Dearest Sisters

This is a loving invitation is to gather.

To align with the stillness and knowing that is inherent in our female bodies, in our wombs and our beings.

We meet in softness, wildness, deep listening, sweetness, stillness, movement...whatever is True that day.

A space to enter into the unknown together, to allow the undoing of all that is no longer in service to integrity, sovereignty, true feminine wisdom.

Life needs us now- to be what we are ~ Wise Women, clear seeing, deeply in trust of the currents, cycles and intelligence held within us.

We've come to the edge of where we can go within the old patriarchal structures.

We see it everywhere don't we?
We're moving into a different time...
It’s time for a rebalance. Do you feel it?

It's time for a New Earth to be born.
The Feminine has whispered through the trees and the earth and now she’s really ready to pour through!

A new way must be paved for harmony to come. And we're the ones, those of us that hear and feel the call, to bring it into being. Through our thoughts, words and actions, birthing this New Earth.

Held in the bosom of the Feminine life force and the clear seeing light of the Masculine consciousness, we gather.
No structure. No plan. No forcing.

Meeting in the pregnant vitality of 'not knowing', held within a shared intention to Be together in naturalness, however that looks, unfolds and expresses.

I bring with me lifetimes of deep training and ceremonial initiations into the feminine mysteries.

The vehicles we often journey with are:

Ceremony, Ritual, Voice, Silence, Movement, Sharing, Listening, Being, Rattle and Drum.

Visioning a new Way, together.
Simply. Quietly. Expressively. Courageously. Whatever is needed.


Deep Womb Heart Love


Full price £15

(+ 76p booking fee)

Pay what you can

If money is a challenge please pay what feels possible for you   

(whatever that is, is welcome).


Tickets are none refundable

and non transferable

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