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* Cacao Ceremony 
* Ecstatic Dance
*Shamanic Journey
* Sacred Chant 

Join renowned renowned spiritual facilitators and Mantra singers Illumina for an evening to remember!




Otherworldly Hang drum, Soul Rhythms Pumpin' Djembe, Shakin' Percussion & more!



Welcome to an evening of uniting with and celebrating our Divine Consciousness - who we REALLY are! - through Cacao, Ecstatic Dance & singing powerful Chants and Mantras from around the world.


We will first open our hearts with a Sacred Cacao Ceremony which in itself has amazing benefits for the whole BEing and the lessons we are here to learn.


Some of the benefits of cacao include:


* Heart Centered anchoring in daily life


* Powerful plant medicine that helps us to release emotional blockages that no longer serve us, find forgiveness in ourselves and others, and shows us the way forward if we are stuck or afraid of making the necessary life changes in order to move on.


* Enables us to access stuck emotions, conditionings, patterns of behaviour and addictions that are buried deep in the unconscious.


* Supports health and psychological well-being.


* One can experience extraordinary healings and breakthroughs, energy releases and surrendering.



After the energetic gift of the cacao, we will transition gently into movement and expressing our bodies through ecstatic dance.


The more you dance, the more deeper you dive within - what you find is your treasure!


There is no feeling like dancing to live drums and music created on the spot by gifted musical human beings - playlists and backing tracks move over! the real thing is here!


You can really let go and DANCE!

Your body will move more naturally and holistically with live music as opposed to digital tracks.




Then, as the Cacao keeps working in us ever more deeply and wakes our even more of our spiritual power, we will go on a deep Shamanic Journey together to meet our ancestors and gain wisdom & knowledge.
We will be accompanied by our power animal/s and spirit guide/s guided by live tribal drumming and the incredible live music of Illumina.



Once we are fully in our Heart and our bodies have opened up to the Divine vibrations of spiritual love & ecstasy, we will come to rest within ourselves and bathe in the nectar of inner silence through the ancient powerful practice of Mantra chanting led by Illumina.


These Mantras are specially chosen to anchor our consciousness firmly in our hearts and stay deeply rooted in our inner Divine GOD(ESS) Consciousness.


'Illumina is renowned throughout the country as one of the premier New Age/Sacred Chant/Mantra music duos of our evening singing and chanting with them is an experience like no other!' ~ Mike



  • Please wear loose comfortable clothing

  • Please bring a yoga mat or blanket and a cushion

  • Please bring a water bottle 

  • Please arrive 10 mins before as the cacao ceremony will begin promptly at 6.00pm

  • Bring your favourite crystal/totem/power object/picture of your guru or alter item that resonates with you for this evening.





£45 normal ticket price

(£46.79 with transaction fees if paid via Paypal)



To avoid extra fees, pay via bank transfer ~ details below










13th October

6- 10.00pm

Friends Meeting House,

34 Sunderland Road,

Forest Hill 

SE23 2QA


The venue can only accommodate about 20 spaces so please book ASAP.

** Please don't forget to fill the registration form below. **











Please note that NO REFUNDS or TRANSFERS are available for this event.
Thank you

Bank Transfer:

Mr. S Shokat

Accnt - 10493791

Sort 20 - 57 - 06

Barclays Bank

£45 or £70

**Special Offer!**

Bring a friend or partner & come for £35 each!
(Total - £72.67 with transaction fees)

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